According to the Quran, Muhammad was uncertain whether Allah would save him, whether he would be going to Heaven or to Hell:
“Or do they say, ‘He has forged it’? Say: ‘If I have forged it, you have no power to help me against Allah. He knows very well what you are pressing upon; He suffices as a witness between me and you; He is the All-forgiving, the All-compassionate.’ Say: ‘I am not an innovation among the Messengers,and I know not what shall be done with me or with you. I only follow what is revealed to me; I am only a clear warner.” S. 46:8-9 Meccan

Narrated Abu Huraira:
When Allah revealed the Verse: “Warn your nearest kinsmen,” Allah’s Apostle got up and said, “O people of Quraish (or said similar words)! Buy (i.e. save) yourselves (from the Hellfire) as I cannot save you from Allah’s Punishment; O Bani Abd Manaf! I cannot save you from Allah’s Punishment, O Safiya, the Aunt of Allah’s Apostle! I cannot save you from Allah’s Punishment; O Fatima bint Muhammad! Ask me anything from my wealth, but I cannot save you from Allah’s Punishment.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 51, Number 16)

These references should trouble any Muslim. If Muhammad himself, the very founder and prophet of the religion of Islam, was uncertain where he would spend eternity then how can any Muslim know where they will go after they die?

Those Surahs and Hadiths should strike fear into the hearts of any Muslim. They were spoken towards the end of Muhammad’s life. If Muhammad had no clue whether he was going to Hell, how can any Muslim be certain where they will spend their eternity?

If you are a Muslim, you should ask yourself how it possible for a “Prophet” to spend his life talking to “god” or god’s angel, yet not know where he will spend his eternity? Truthfully, it is NOT possible, IF he had really been God’s messenger.

Name me one other prophet who did not know where they would spend their eternity, just one. You cant, because there isn’t one.

The fact is, Muhammad started feeling his mortality and thought back on all the atrocities he had committed during his lifetime and realized he was about to pay the ultimate price for his horrible deeds.

If you get to be in the presence of God’s glory by doing more good than bad, then Muhammad fails on that point too because of all his hatred, murders, rapes, robbing and much more.  Add to that the fact that Muhammad said that most of the rich go to Hell and Muhammad had accumulated enormous wealth. So, that points him in the direction of Hell also.

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Is Jesus Christ the real God? Or is Allah God? On this web site, you will learn, not from my opinion but from Muslim Historians, the Quran, the Bible, former Muslims. Current Muslims, and Muslim web sites about who the real God is. You will also learn from both Muslim experts and Christian experts who have studied Islam for many years..

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The fact is however that if you open your eyes, we will prove that Allah is not God and Muhammad was NOT a Prophet. The evidence is overwhelming to back up our claim.

We don’t really believe that anybody wants to go to Hell, even though some people do live their lives as if that is their “soul” purpose. All we are asking of everybody is to search and study until you find the truth. Don’t live your lives blindly, not opening your eyes to the other possibilities of who God really is. We can promise you that we will show you overwhelming evidence of who God really is. You just have to open your eyes. But, if you don’t believe us or what our research reveals, then do your own search. Just find out the truth for yourself. Your eternity depends on it.

“… Nobody’s trying to figure out, ‘What’s the cause of death?’ And, ‘What happens when you die?’ That to me is the only thing of any importance! The rest is all secondary.”

George Harrison “The Beatles”


With this statement, George Harrison expressed perhaps the deepest and most troubling concern people will ever face in life.


On this site, we will reveal to you, the truth, if you have the courage to open your eyes.